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Japanese kitchen knives - precision cutting tools not just for the Sushi chef!

If you are looking to do precision cutting and slicing (think of the sushi chef knives) Japanese kitchen knives are for you. With ultra sharp blades that are thinner than their Western knives relatives, you benefit from ergonomic lightweight handling.
On the other hand, if you are accustomed to heftier knives, using a Japanese kitchen knife may feel awkward at first. But don't worry, you'll get used to them.

Japanese style knives to buy

There are numerous distinguished Japanese cutting knives to consider. Probably the two most popular with Western home cooks and chefs are: Global Knives and Kershaw Shun Classic Knives. Additionally, manufacturers such as Misono, MAC, Bunmei, Suisin and Hattori are catching on quick. The Misono UX10 placed #1 in Food and Wine Magazine, July 2005 poll.


What we are most familiar with is the Western "style" Japanese knife - a sort of a cross between Eastern and Western cutlery. You sharpen these knives similarly to say a Furi, Wusthof or Forschner: on both sides. Traditional Japanese cutlery, on the other hand, is designed with blades that sport an edge on one side. This requires different sharpening techniques than what American and European cooks are used to.

But don't worry. Just stick with the Asian knife brands mentioned above and you'll be fine. To buy, take a look online. There are many good stores that sell Misono, Kershaw and Global, MAC and Bunmei. Some of the lesser known Japanese brands can be found at Korin Trading.

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