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Global Knives Review

Founded in 1985, Global Knives is one of the most popular brands. Go into the kitchens of serious cooks and professional chefs and a global knife will not be hard to find. Why? Because Global designs them as if they were samurai swords. Translation: Global's knives are very sharp and are made with blades that hold their edge for a very long time. Also, the distinguished GS line, famous for its' lightweight design is the favorite of chefs with carpal tunnel, arthritis or small hands. Ergonomics + contemporary + sleek design is the hallmark of Global. Mid-priced to high-end, people shopping for cutlery with the above attributes will find Global hard to beat.


7" Santoku

8" Chef's Knife

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Review: Global GS Knives

Global knife line, GS, is the one most people know. This series includes their signature lightweight ergonomic design favored by many. Pick-up any Global GS and compare it to a heavyweight Western knife. You will notice immediately the lightweight construction; yet each piece of cutlery is precisely balanced and perfectly weighted. (there is actually sand in the handle). Features include:

  • Blades - Forged blades. Face sharpened edge beveled at 4 -5 mm. This feature helps the thin blade stay sharper longer. It also makes it easier to sharpen
  • Handles - Slip resistant stainless steel handles with puckered design. Knives feature small handle diameters that are easy and comfortable for small hands to hold
  • Quality construction in the handle, tang and blade
  • Modern Design

There is no bolster on the Global GS line, so as to reduce weight. An added benefit to this is that each knife is easy to sharpen, especially on larger chef knives. However, some chefs find the lack of bolster to be a hindrance, especially when chopping foods such as garlic and herbs.

Review: Global Forged Line

If you prefer using a heftier knife, take a look at Global's forged line. The heavier handle is a hunk of steel, not hollowed like the GS series and balanced with sand.

Global Knife Selection

  • Chefs knife, pairing, tomato, utility, bread knife, flexible boning, vegetable
  • Kasumi - Santoku, pairing, utility/boning, chef and carving
  • Bunmei - deba, usuba, yanagi, sashimi
  • knife sets - carving and 3 piece
  • steak knives - 4 piece set
  • block set - pieces: 6, 8 ,9, 10, 12
  • storage accessories: magnetic knife rack, professional carrying sets and cutting boards
  • Global sharpeners - shinkansen, Minosharp, ceramic whetstones


Wash by hand with hot, soapy water immediately after use to prevent food from sticking. Dry with towel, right away.

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