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Swiss Army Knives - About Victorinox kitchen cutlery

Victorinox Swiss Army based in Switzerland makes quality cutlery along with the distinguished pocket knives. Swiss Army Knives and cutlery includes a full selection of cutting tools including: chef knives, paring, Santoku, carving and more. The company sells two types of cutlery: Forged and Stamped, and can accommodate the home or professional chef's budget.

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Victorinox Forged and Stamped

The forged line of Swiss army kitchen knives includes single piece fully forged tang construction. The blades are high carbon, stainless steel that are ice tempered to sustain sharpness longer and to respond effectively to sharpening. The handles to each knife are molded plastic (great) and include 3 rivet construction. Forged Swiss Army handles are ergonomically designed for comfort and ease of use: the rounded handles feel great. An additional feature to the Victorinox Forged Line is the bolsterless edge making it convenient to sharpen as well as use entire blade.

The Stamped line of Swiss Army cutlery include machine stamped knives with fibrox handles. (Stamped cutlery is not the same high quality as is fully forged pieces; however, they cost less.)

Along with the lines, you can shop for knife sets and steak knives. Stamped serrated steak knives are available in a 6 piece set. Or, you can opt for individual fully forged steak knives with a flat blade - (for more money.

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