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Cooking classes for fun and to learn knife skills

Around the country professional cooking schools, also known as culinary schools offer degree programs for serious chefs. These schools are just one way to learn more about the fine points of cooking. Many cooking schools also provide public cooking classes intended to teach you more about techniques, cooking basics, knife skills and to get hands on experience creating dishes. You can find a class near you; many culinary classes are offered over the weekend or in the evening.

Cooking Class Offerings:

  • Learn basic knife skills
  • Learn techniques: oven, stovetop, Garde Manger
  • Hands-on experience cooking dishes and various cuisines

From formal classes to casual, you can learn more about cooking. Casual cooking courses generally include hands-on teaching. You can also find classes that focus on classroom style demonstration. These classes do not involve full student participation. More to come in this section...

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