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Forschner Knives - The Best Kept Cutlery Secret Around!

We tend to associate money with quality, the more we spend the better quality we will recieve. Not always the case. Take Forschner knives. At less than $50 you can buy the recommendation from Cook's Illustrated for chef knives under $50. The test kitchen experts said, "Premium-quality knife at a bargain price. Knives costing four times as much would be hard pressed to match its performance."

That statement is a fair testament to what Forschner Victorinox Knives has to offer. Good quality cutlery at an affordable price.

The #1 best selling knife on Amazon has 5 stars with over 3,400 reviews.

Forschner Victorinox knives for line cooks and culinary students

Priced from: $35.51

Forschner Stamped Knife Construction

  • Blade - Forshner blades are made of high carbon, stainless steel that are hand finished by skilled craftsmen in Switzerland. The blades are sharp and are made using a special tempering process that produces an edge that can be sharpened repeatedly.
  • Handle - Three kinds of handles are used in Forscher cutlery: Rosewood handle designed to provide maximum comfort; modern nylon; and patented Fibrox handles which are NSF approved, dishwasher safe, and slip resistant so they, too, minimize tension at the wrist.

Is it Forschner or Victorinox? I'm Confused...

In 2009, the company Victorinox, decided to change their kitchen knife line to just plain old "Victorinox" instead of "Forschner." Don't worry, it's the same cutlery and quality. It just goes by another name.

Who buys Forschner?

  • Professional chefs
  • Butchers
  • Home chefs

If you are looking to buy, take a look online. Forschner comes with a lifetime warranty.

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