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Cheese Knives - Review

If you are looking to buy there are several types of cheese knives available. Prices vary depending upon whether you are buying an individual cheese knife, or a set. And a brand like

Individual knives, of which there are two primarily, are designed to either cut hard cheeses or soft cheeses.

Other cheese knives include:

  • cheese slicer
  • 2 handled cheese knives, (used for large cheese wheels)
  • Parmesian cheese knives, (for very hard cheese).

Several popular brands include: Henckels, Global, Wushof, Laguiole, Prodyne and Swissmar.

Cheese Knives from Amazon

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Cheese Knife Sets and Cheese Board Knives

For serving and cutting cheese, there are assorted cheese knife sets available. Coming in 2,3, 4 and 5-piece sets; sets can be bought to function as serving tools, cheese spreaders, or be a grouping of more defined knives such as a stainless steel cheese plane slicer, cheese cleaver and Parmesian cheese knife. Sets also often come with convenient storage cases.

What is a nice choice is, to buy a cheese board knife set. These, along with other sets, make very nice gifts. Look at brands: Pinzon and Henckels (both make cheese knife sets that include a bamboo cutting board. Pinzon's set has a bamboo storage drawer and cutting board); Prodyne (has a beachwood cheese board.)

Matching the Right Cheese Knife to the Task is Essential!

Soft cheese knife:

In fact, in a Cook's Illustrated test to determine whether or not a holed cheese knife would in fact cut soft cheeses like chevre and mozzarella better than a traditional chef's knife: The answer was YES! Reviewers found that the holes (or skeletons) of which there are 3, punched out of a soft cheese knife, minimized the area where soft and semi-soft cheese would stick or cling.

If you are looking for a special cheese knife, one that is state of the art and also perfect for both delicate soft cheeses as well as medium hard ones consider buying the:

Global 5 and 1/2 inch cheese knife. This knife costs around $70, and is one of the best!

Hard cheese knives:

A very sharp edge is a typical feature of a hard cheese cutting knife. You will also find that many of these knives are designed with a forked tip, so that they may also be used also as a serving utensil. One particular firm cheese knife, known as the Parmesian cheese knife is designed specifically for slicing extremely hard cheeses.. You will find these knives designed with short thick blades allowing you to put good pressure into the cut.

List of Popular Cheese types:
hard, medium-hard, moist, soft/semisoft

Hard cheese - Gruyere, Parmesian, Pecorino, smoked Gouda

Medium-hard cheese - Emmenthaler, Cheshire

Moist cheese - Italian Marscapone, French Fromage de chevre, Fromage blanc, Farmers cheese, Ricotta

Soft and semi-soft cheese -Brie, Camembert, triple cremes such as Gratte-Paille, Pierre Robert

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