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Home Chef: Learn Basic Knife Skills

Are you looking to learn basic knife skills? Here are two good ways to do so: buy a book or take a class. There is quiet a bit to learn when it comes to handling and caring for a kitchen knife. In fact, the curriculum of a professional chef includes basic and advanced knife skill classes as part of culinary training. For the home chef, learning basic cutting techniques will make you a better cook. Education and practice will enable you to use your knife skillfully. You will also learn how to sharpen and care for your knives.

Basic knife skill education

  • Learn basic cutting techniques: Julienne and Batonnet along with mincing, dicing, slicing and shredding
  • Learn how to cut and butcher meat, poultry, fish and shellfish
  • Learn sharpening options and techniques
  • Learn about knife care

What is the most important tool in the kitchen? Most chefs agree that it is the knife. If you master the basics of a knife you will undoubtedly reap the rewards of cooking better, safer, faster. Here are some recommended books to help you hone your cutlery skills.

The Professional Chef's Knife Kit by the CIA or Culinary Institute of America
Knife Skills for Chefs by Christopher P. Day
Complete Techniques by Jacques Pepin

Best in Culinary knives:

You may also be interested in taking a cooking class.

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