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Kyocera Knives - What Makes their Ceramic Knives so Special?

Kyocera knives are produced in Sendai, Japan and are growing in popularity here in the West. Known for making well designed ceramic knives, Kyocera Cutlery can be found in the kitchens of both professional and home chefs. Are they worth buying?

Review: Kyocera's Ceramic Blades

If you like a sharp knife with razor-sharp cutting performance get ready for Kyocera ceramic knives. These knives are made with special, long-life blades, made from zirconium oxide. What is Zirconium Oxide? This is a very tough ceramic, originally developed for high wear applications, where steel components failed.

Benefits of Ceramic:

  • Don't need to worry about you knife rusting or staining
  • Ceramic Knives won't roll at the edge
  • Ceramic doesn't imparting a metallic taste or smell to your food
  • Food stays fresher
  • Food maintains its original color longer

Kyotop Knives

Priced From: $116
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Kyocera Knife Line


Kyocera has a whole range of ceramic cutlery. Their most popular collection known as KYOTOP is their sharpest knife line. This line combines elegantly designed riveted, wooden handles, with dark HIP ceramic blades. What is HIP? Hot Isostatic Pressing.

Note: Each Kyotop knife is sold with a blade protector and comes in a nice presentation box.

KL Series, KC Series and FK Revolution Series

FK Revolution Series - Colors either, black or white Zirconia ceramic blade with ergonomically shaped black plastic handle. Sometimes red.
KL Series - Zirconia ceramic white blade, Black POM handle with rivets, comes in wood box
KC Series - Zirconia ceramic blade, black riveted wood handle

More Kyocera Knives

Priced From: $70

Note: Kyocera's ceramic knives can go months, they claim even years, without sharpening. If you buy one and want to hand sharpen, don't. You'll be far better off sending it back to Kyocera for sharpening.

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