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Wusthof Knives- Review the Best

Made in Germany, Wusthof knives are this country's most popular forged kitchen knives. And standing behind quality and consistency, the Wusthof knife brand receives high reviews and ratings from both consumers and chefs alike.

Cook's Illustrated Magazine reviewers chose the following Wusthof knives as top picks:

Consumer Reports Magazine, December 2007, chose 8 piece Wusthof Trident Classic out of 40 tested knife sets as #1 for superb performance among the forged sets tested:

What is it that makes Wusthof cutlery so appealing? For the cook, it is a matter of preference. Wusthof cutlery - the forged blade, is thicker and (heavier) as is typical in traditional western knives. These blades are very sharp, though not razor sharp compared to Japanese knives. What you get, however, is a durable, high quality knife that stays sharp longer and requires less frequent sharpening.

Wusthof's Best Series - Hand Forged and 38-Manufacturing Steps

New from Wusthof

Each knife constructed from one of the above Wusthof lines includes premium craftsmanship and quality. This is done by repeating what works for nearly 2 centuries. Wusthof has earned its' reputation by producing culinary knives made in a very precise way. Involved in making each knife includes 38 -manufacturing steps, which skilled craftsman do so well. These knives are hand forged, and are made by using a single blank of high carbon stain resistant steel. Blades are hardened to maintain a sharp edge and contain full tangs for perfect balance. Manufactured in Solingen, Germany.

What's the difference between Classic, Culinar, Grand Prix II and Le Cordon Bleu?

-----The Only Difference from a Construction Standpoint is in the Handle! -----

Wusthof Classic- The most popular line. Each knife contains an exposed tang and three rivet handle (Traditional)
Grand Prix II - New. Contains a lightweight ergonomically designed molded handle (Ergonomic, Modern)
Culinar - Similar to Grand Prix II only the handle is sculpted stainless steel (Contemporary)
Silverpoint - Handle is synthetic and virtually indestructible (Ergonomic, Slip-Resistant, Hygienic)

Wusthof's Affordable Knives: Emerilware and Gourmet

Additional lines include Emeril and Gourmet. The Gourmet knife line consists of Wusthof quality, but offers consumers more of a budget line. Wüsthof Gourmet Cook's Knife for around $49.99, is stamped versus the above mentioned forged blade construction. This method allows for lower price points as manufacturing is done primarily by machine, not the intensity of labor required by hand forging. See affordable Emerilware steak knives

Types of Knives

Wusthof includes a complete line of knives and we recommend shopping online at for the best prices.Types of knives available include: santoku, paring, chefs, bread, tomato, filet, cheese, carving, boning and utility.

You can buy each piece individually or purchase a set: look for ones with useful knives and sizes. You will also find knife sharpeners, cutting boards, smart storage systems and wood knife blocks.

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