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Wooden Kitchen Utensils - From salad hands to butcher block cutting boards and tables!

With fine craftsmanship wooden kitchen utensils offer an earthy alternative to metal, rubber and plastic kitchen utensils. Everything from wood butcher block tables and cutting boards to bamboo salad hands, peanut butter servers, wooden teaspoons.

Contrary to popular thought, wooden utensils are hygienic. Why? The natural acids in wood kill bacteria within minutes of contact. To clean, wipe with a damp cloth.

If you watch the Food Network, you're probably familiar with: John Boos - carving up beautifully crafted maple cutting boards, butcher block tables and wooden kitchen furniture. Another name to check out is Rick Odea of Ozark West. This company makes most of the wood kitchen utensils listed above: salad hands and wood teaspoon, with the addition of a signature checkerboard style butcher block table in choice of cherry, maple, oak or walnut that is exquisite!

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