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Shun Knives - From block knife sets to individual cutlery!

One of the most popular cutlery lines of Japanese knife manufacturer Kershaw is the company's Shun knives line. While not the cheapest cutting tools on the block, for the serious-minded home chef, having a quality made knife, like the Shun, is like owning a BMW or Mercedes.

Shun Block Knife Sets

To get more for your money buying a set of knives will generally be cheaper than buying cutlery individually.

Best Shun Knives, take a look at the knife block sets. Sets come in two different knife styles, classic and stainless steel; differing only in handle choice.

Classic knives feature Pakkawood resin handles and VG-10 high-carbon stainless steel blades whereas the stainless steel ones feature stainless steel handles. This full steel look gives the cutlery an integrated and sleek look. Knife block sets can be purchased with 6, 7 or 9 pieces of cutlery. Cutlery may include: 6 " or 8"chef's knives, utility, bread, slicer, paring, kitchen shears, 9" sharpening steel and bamboo cutting block.

Individual cutlery selection

Another choice is to buy individually. These knives will certainly make a statement in your kitchen. Same as above, you can buy either from the Classic line or Stainless Steel line. Prices are comparable. Blades are made with layered steel construction that allows for a razor-sharp, hard knife edge while keeping the toughness of a traditional knife. As well, the Damascus-look finish gives a varied texture to the blade that keeps food from sticking while you cut. Knives include: chefs, vegetable, paring, tomato, utility, steak knife and more.

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