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Santoku knives - What are they?

One knife that has gained rapid popularity in the kitchens of amateur and professional chefs is the Santoku knife. Thanks to celebrity chef, Rachael Ray of the Food Network, these Asian knives are now available in cutlery and kitchen stores online and locally. Perhaps the greatest appeal to this knife design is that like a chef's knife, Santoku knives are very versatile for dicing, mincing and slicing. People with smaller hands, especially females tend to like the handle and feel this cutlery offers.

About Santoku design

Originating in Japan, the Santoku resembles a cross between the chef knife and meat cleaver.

The conventional carbon stainless steel blade length is anywhere from 5 and 8 inches and contains a sharp flat edge. The dull back, curves down near the point creating a tip angle of around 60 degrees. The typical Santoku features the handle-top and blade-top in a level in position. This gives you ample finger room underneath.

Santoku is a good multipurpose culinary knife

Features to look for. Here are some culinary tasks for which the Santoku does well:

  • Precision work - designed with a thinner and shorter blade than your chef's knife, a well designed Santoku such as: MAC Superior or Kershaw Shun Classic, makes it easier to do delicate precise work like thinly slicing carrots.
  • Curved Santoku blades work well at mincing and chopping. The rocking motion of the blade is important in these cutting tasks.
  • Smaller but not too small santoku knives with a less tapered tip for manageability work well for butterflying boneless chicken breasts

To buy a good Santoku you don't need to spend an arm and a leg. However, there are many models to choose and you're better off testing out several kinds before buying.

Note the differences: blade length, curvature of the blade, comfort of the handle, balance and sharpness. Choose based on what is comfortable and will meet your demands on the cutting board. Learn more about favorite Santoku brands

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