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Santoku knives - Buying tips

Santoku knives buying tips - If you're researching Santoku knives, and looking to buy one for personal use or for a gift let us help you out. In a previous article about best Santoku knife models/brands to consider, we highlighted top western/eastern knife makers. We chose models in favor and recommended by Cook's Illustrated. However, before buying go experience the feel of the cutlery. Compare several brands side by side. Compare different size Santokus and see how well each knife performs kitchen tasks such as: cutting, slicing, mincing and chopping.

Nonstick Granton versus Flat Blade Santoku

Tip 1: There is about a $10 to $20 savings if you buy a flat edge Santoku over the Granton edge. The Granton blade appears with small hollow oval recesses along blade and is designed to keep food such as vegetables from sticking to the knife. Most knife manufacturers offer both Granton and Flat edge Santoku kitchen knives.

Buy online and save money

Tip 2: If you know what which knife you want to buy, shop online. Online stores tend to be cheaper than local Chef and Kitchen Supply Stores. You will find sales and reduced prices as well as free shipping and no sales tax.

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