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Sabatier Knives - Premium cutlery made in France!

Having been around for over 100 years, French knife maker Sabatier has honed the art of the kitchen knife.

Sabatier offers a complete selection of cutlery from steak knife sets to paring and chef knives.

And, like many of the top Western knife manufacturers, Sabatier knives feature professional quality cutlery used by world famous chefs, in addition to budgetary cutlery for home cooks and chefs desiring quality kitchen knives at affordable prices.

Sabatier Knives available on Amazon - sets and single knives

High Quality Knives
imported from France

Priced from: $135

About their knife lines

To shop for the best of France's Sabatier cutlery take a look at the made in France lines: Provence and Au Carbone. These premium, fully forged knives differ from Sabatier's stamped cutlery lines manufactured in China.

However, the budget conscious chef can find good quality for the price in the Precision Line: featuring wooden block knife sets and a versatile mixture of knives.

If you are looking for a quality steak knife set take a look at the Sabatier Provence Collection.

Sabatier Au Carbone Collection offers premium cutlery; however, this line has its niche and is not for everyone. Why? The blades are made with a high-carbon steel alloy that will become discolored with use. Although the high carbon holds a sharper edge than stainless steel, the blades will require more maintenance to keep them sharp and clean.

For an affordable gift, Laguiole Sabatier Serrated Steak Knives with bee design are attractive and unique. This gift lists for $70 online.

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