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Misono Knives - The UX10 series is a definite hot seller!

Home and professional chefs are apt to buy and enjoy the fine cutting tools Misono designs. Misono knives are Japanese knives (Western style) produced in Seki, a city with a 750 year history of knife crafting.

Kershaw Shun Knives are also worth looking into, especially if you are interested in buying a high quality Japanese knife.

Misono Knives Available on Amazon

Find a complete selection of Misono Knives on Amazon. Good news because this brand is very hard to find!

Priced from: $65

What's put Misono knives on the map recently is the positive press and write ups about the UX10 line: Misono UX10 knives placed #1 in Food and Wine Magazine, July 2005 poll. What's special about the UX10 Misono knife?

The blade is fine quality Swedish stain resistant steel, however, it has a hardness comparable to carbon steel. In addition, the knives have a slanted nickel/silver bolster that balances the weight of the blade and handle. If you are looking for cutlery that is extremely sharp, spectacular in appearance and performance as well as comfortable to use, consider test driving the UX10. Knives include: Santoku, Gyutou, Sujihiki, Honesuki and Petty.

Misono also has the 440 Molybdenum Steel line, and a line of Stain Resistant Molybdenum Steel.

Unique is the Misono Child's mini knife. This small 4.7" knife is designed for the child interested in cooking. The knife includes a rounded safety tip and a child sized grip.

For gifts - Misono has 2 piece gift sets - a great personalized gift for the professional or weekend chef!

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