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Messermeister Knives - Professional Chefs and Students Love Them!

German made knife crafter Messermeister has been manufacturing cutlery for over 100 years. Based in Solingen, Germany, Messermeister knives handle with the precision and efficiency of other high-end and world class western knives: think Wushof and Henckels.

Messermeister Knives on Amazon

Priced from: $179.99

While becoming increasingly popular with the home chef, Messermeister has a strong following of professional and student chef devotees. Collections include Meridian, San Moritz elite, Park Plaza and Four Seasons. Messermeister also produces a line of Japanese knives in the Asian Precision Line. This line offers: Gyotu, Santoku, Deba, Sushi knives as well as knife sets and petty knives.

Celebrity chef, Sam the Cooking Guy is a deep fan of Messermeister cutlery, going so far as to call this brand by a nickname, Messer.

For professional chefs, Messermeister knife luggage, which includes knife rolls and attaché cases is considered the best in the industry.

Home chef

For the home chef, take a look at the Messermeister Meridian sets. You can choose hardwood blocks containing 7, 9, or 23 pieces of cutlery. 2 and 3 piece starter sets are also a good way to go. For steak knives, take a look at the 4 piece set. This set features fully forged extra-wide chefs knife blades with bolsterless edges.

Also see; Wusthof and Henckels

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