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Lamson Sharp Knives - American made cutlery of distinction!

All cutlery manufacturers have something to offer the home, professional chef or both. LamsonSharp knives come to the plate with a very well priced meat cleaver that makes it to recommend status with Cook's Illustrated in their kitchen test trial of meat cleavers. And, it happens that if you are looking for a cleaver, the 7" Lamson Sharp, offers both performance and value (the model is lightweight, features a comfortable handle and sharp blade for under $50).

Cook's Illustrated Recommends: 7" Lamson Sharp Cleaver for both performance and value.

Priced from: $59.95

In addition, American Knife maker Lamson Sharp features fully forged knives; the hardened and tempered stainless steel is from Solingen, Germany. From a full collection of cutlery the Lamsonsharp Silver line features: Santoku knives, utility, paring, boning, chefs, as well as steak knives (set of 6) block sets (10,16 and 26 pieces). Smaller sets: chef's set ( 3 piece knife set) and regular forged sets are also available.

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