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Knife Storage - Ways to Store your Kitchen Knives

Knife storage - Knife blocks, magnetic knife bars and drawer/counter inserts all have one thing in common: they store your kitchen cutlery. Yet while this may not seem like a big deal, when you consider how sharp knives are, you realize that storing them away not only protects the sharpness to the blades, it also keeps them away from small children and pets.

Japanese knives are fragile

If you buy a Japanese knife, blades are thinner than the traditional Western blade and therefore more fragile. Ultra sharp knives like Global or a Kershaw Kai Shun knife can remain so only if, yes, sharpened, but also if protected from being tossed around in a silverware drawer.

Chefs stainless magnetic knife bar, knife block sets and drawer units

  • KNIFE BLOCK SET - To counter the indiscriminate tossing, find a storage system that works for you. Knife block sets are great. Not only do they provide you the needed safety and storage, they also free up drawer space in the kitchen. For convenience, knives are ready and can be easily grabbed for whatever cutlery task is required. Knife blocks are also stylish, adding decoration to the counter or kitchen island. You can buy them in wood or stainless steel.

    Knife Blocks on Amazon

    Priced From: $19.99

  • MAGNETIC KNIFE BAR - Many people prefer this storage system because knives look great lined-up and secured and knife access is convenient. However, shop for knife bars with strong magnetic grips. Two to consider are:

    The Chef's Stainless Magnetic Knife Bar -This knife bar measures 14" by 2.5" and is a wall-mounted magnetic strip, crafted of stainless steel, that grips blades firmly but releases easily when you grasp the handle

    Global Wall Magnet in 16", 20" or 32"

    Magnetic Knife Strip

    Priced From: $15.99

  • DRAWER UNITS - A couple of options exist. You can look for expandable drawer trays with knife racks or buy a simple knife drawer insert. The difference between the two is that the expandable drawer tray with knife rack includes space for both silverware and slots for your kitchen cutlery. The other kind is designed just for knives. Global makes a few storage units like this designed to safely store expensive knives and keep them sharp.

    The Global 5 slot knife tray holds 5 Global knives up to 8" long. Global also makes an excellent steak knife holder that can accommodate up to four steak knives.

    Global Knife Tray

    Price: $69.95

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