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Japanese Kitchen Knives Articles

Here is a listing of various Japanese kitchen knife articles. Learn about today's popular selling Japanese knives such as: MAC, Global and Shun.

Bunmei knives - Excellent cutlery for preparing Sushi!
An extra sharp edge is what makes the Japanese kitchen knife, Bunmei so attractive to the sushi chef.

Calphalon Knives - Japanese kitchen knives with Damascus style blades!
Following the tradition of the Samurai Sword, Calphalon knives (also referred to as Calphalon Katana), offers unmatched sharpness.

What Makes Ceramic Knives and Kyocera so Special?
Ceramic knives offer a unique alternative to steel knives however, for the klutzy chef these kitchen knives may be too fragile.

Chroma Knives- Otherwise known as Porsche Knives!
If you admire good design you can't beat the award winning Chroma knives designed by F.A. Porsche.

Global knife series: GS Series and GF Series
Global has a few series: G, GF, GS, and GSF - If you're wondering what makes the GS and GF series so different, take a look below at how differently they are constructed.

Henckels Miyabi - New Knife Collection from Henckels!
Henckels Miyabi is a beautifully crafted knife collection that features 5 individual knives, each one made from forged MicroCarbide powder steel (Rockwell 66), known for being extremely hard.

Kyocera knives - what makes their ceramic knives so special?
Kyocera knives are produced in Sendai, Japan and are growing in popularity here in the West.

Hattori knives - Damascus knives offer beauty and precision!
Hattori has been supplying top western knife makers with cutlery for 30 years.

Japanese kitchen knives - precision cutting tools not just for the Sushi chef!
If you are looking to do precision cutting and slicing (think of the sushi chef knives) Japanese kitchen knives are for you.

Misono Knives - The UX10 series is a definite hot seller!
Home and professional chefs are apt to buy and enjoy the fine cutting tools Misono designs.

Mac Knives - The Superior Series SK-65 Santoku Knife is hot!
When Charlie Trotter recommends a brand of kitchen cutlery like Mac knives, ears perk up.

Shun Knives - From block knife sets to individual cutlery!
One of the most popular cutlery lines of Japanese knife manufacturer Kershaw is the company's Shun knife line.

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