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Global Knife Series: Understanding the GS and GF Series

Global has a few series: G, GF, GS, and GSF - If you're wondering what makes the GS and GF series so different, take a look below at how differently they are constructed.

If you are looking to buy the popular lightweight knife Global is known for, take a look at the GS series. For the feel of a heavier European style knife, take a look at the Global Forged line.

About Global's Knives:

Global's GS-Series - are constructed from three pieces - the blade and two halves of the handle. The two halves of the handle are welded together and then the handle is welded to the blade. This knife line features a hollow triangular handle for comfortable and excellent use.

  • Global GS are Lightweight and favored by those who like Japanese style knives and state-of-the-art design.

Global GF-Series - features drop-forged knives that are heftier than the lightweight GS Series. The Global forged (GF) knives of this series have a blade and collar that is forged as one piece and feature internal welding in the handle for added strength. The advantage of forging metal is that it improves its strength by aligning and stretching the grain structure. A part that is forged is typically stronger than a casting or a machined piece.

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