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Furi Knives - Rachael Ray of the Food Network uses them!

Say it isn't so - celebrity chef, Rachael Ray is endorsing Furi knives! Well why not. First she promoted the Santoku knife just by cutting and chopping with it constantly, and now she's gone all Furi mad on us. So if you're looking to buy moderately priced cutlery consider buying a Furi Knife: Pro East West Line.

Furi Knives from Amazon

Priced from: $19.88

Furi knife construction

Australian knife maker Furi has an interesting forging method called Exoskeleton forging. (Patents are pending)This method was developed to overcome hygiene and durability problems often found in your typical plastic and woodhandled kitchen knives; even in the fashionable metal handled knives.

The method entails fusing handle and tang so that the FX Furi handle is the tang. The end result is a high-performance cutting tool that is both durable and hygienic compared to traditional knives.

What to buy

  • Furi's 7" Rachael Ray Gusto Grip knife - The orange silicone polypropylene handle helps you keep a firm grip even when wet or slippery. In addition, the knife has an inventive wedge shape designed to keep your hand from slipping forward towards the blade. The Hollow edge, fully forged santoku blade also reduces friction for easier slicing.
  • The complete three-stage Tech Edge sharpener - A manual knife sharpener for your Furi will keep your cutlery razor sharp.


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