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F. Dick 7" Offset Bread Knife - Best Bread Knife

You're looking for the Best Bread Knife, Right? Well we're leading you to it! If you've never heard of F. Dick, be the first on your block to know. The offset 7 inch bread knife is a miracle in cutting technology and price: (so you win just by buying!!)

This knife has been recently endorsed by Anthony Bourdain of FoodTV's Cook's Tor. It is also recommended in his book, "Kitchen Confidential".

F Dick 7" Offset Bread Knife

Price: $23.95


Sometimes value and premium quality collide. This is the case with the offset bread knife by F. Dick. Here the value side to the knife is the fact that the blade is stamped versus forged. (You benefit because the knife is very economical.) However, is doesn't skimp on quality and that is why it has been endorsed by Anthony Bourdain of FoodTV's Cook's Tour and is recommended to buy in the book, "Kitchen Confidential."

From crusty baguettes to sun-ripened tomatoes, this knife will cut and cut for years. The offset blade means never getting your knuckles caught under the blade or handle when trying to cut straight down. Pushing down on the blade will only mash the bread.

Tip: For the best cutting use a sawing motion and let the knife do the work.

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