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Chroma Knives- Otherwise known as Porsche Knives!

If you admire good design you can't beat the award winning Chroma designed by F.A. Porsche. And the design is incredible - imagine showing these off at your next Thanksgiving feast!

These knives feature modern design and high quality! The name to remember is the 301 series.

While this cutlery is manufactured in Japan it is one of the popular selling lines available in the U.S. Additional Chroma Knife lines include the Haiku Home knife line (very popular affordable series that is the best selling kitchen knife in Japan).

Type 301 series

Price: $174.95

Chroma Design Awards and Merits

Chroma 301 cutlery has gained all sorts of design awards in the past several years spanning from Germany's Focus International Design Award in 2002 to the satisfaction of an important competition for gourmet chefs in the prestigious Bocuse d'Or in Lyon, France. In this competition of chefs from 24 countries, half of the qualifying countries were using Chroma knives. Not bad performance!


Favorites of the Chroma Collection:

Chroma 2 piece starter sets
Wooden block sets containing choice of 5, 8 and 10-piece sets
A four piece steak knife set is also a great purchase.

For individual cutlery, take a look at Chroma carving, santoku, chef's, paring and more. Sharpening steels and separately sold wood blocks are also available.


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