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What Makes Ceramic Knives and Kyocera so Special?

Ceramic knives offer a unique alternative to steel knives however, for the klutzy chef these kitchen knives may be too fragile. The other afternoon I made a call to order a Japanese knife from Korin Trading, I mentioned my inexperience in the kitchen, and asked about buying a ceramic Kyocera knife. The sales representative told me that for the novice home chef I'd be better off with a steel knife: "too fragile," the ceramic cutlery she said. "Drop it on the floor and you might break off the tip."

Buy for the benefits

Then why is it that ceramic kitchen utensils are growing in popularity? The answer is, compared with steel knives, these have revolutionary characteristics. The lightweight blades are almost as hard as diamond but lighter than metal. And, the blades will keep their extreme sharpness much longer than a conventional knife will. As far as stain and rust, ceramic is impervious to the food acids which discolor steel products.

Kyocera Ceramic

Kyocera kitchen knives are made of an advanced, high-tech ceramic called zirconium oxide (also called zirconia). This material is second in hardness only to a diamond. Learn more about Kyocera

Kyocera has a whole range of ceramic cutlery. Their most popular collection known as KYOTOP combines elegantly designed riveted wooden handles with dark HIP ceramic blades. (HIP a.k.a. Hot Isostatic Pressing). Each knife type: paring, fruit, universal, small cooking, large cooking and bread, is sold with a blade protector and comes in a nice wooden box.

Kyocera has 3 other lines:
The KL Series: Zirconiaceramic, white blade, black POM handle with rivets, comes in a wood box.
KC Series: Zirconiaceramic blade with black riveted wood handle.
FK Series: black or white Zirconiaceramic blade with ergonomical shaped black plastic handle.


Fortunately, not much sharpening is needed! If you do feel the need to sharpen, however, send your knives to the manufacturer.

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