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Calphalon Knives - Japanese kitchen knives with Damascus style blades!

Following the tradition of the Samurai Sword, Calphalon knives (also referred to as Calphalon Katana), offers unmatched sharpness. For the home chef, this brand of Japanese knives features fully forged cutlery with VG Japanese steel.

Calphalon Knife Block Sets and Single Knives

Priced from: $29.95

In addition, each Calphalon knife blade contains beautiful Damascus patterning which functions to keep food from sticking. The Damascus blade is clad with 33 layers of steel accounting for its razor sharpness.

Calphalon kitchen knives can be purchased at a kitchen or cutlery store as well as online. You can choose from the Calphalon Katana 8 piece bamboo block set containing: paring, santoku, serrated utility, kitchen shears, sharpening steel, sandwich and chef's knife. Or, buy individual cutlery. The hollow edged (granton) santoku is available in 7 and 5 inch sizes. Also Calphalon forged chef's knife of 8 inches is a good choice.

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