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Bunmei knives - Excellent cutlery for preparing Sushi!

An extra sharp edge is what makes the Japanese kitchen knife, Bunmei so attractive to the sushi chef. Made in Japan, Bunmei knives are clad with stainless steel blades razor sharp for precision cutting. For thin cuts and clean slicing a number of good Bunmei knife options are available.

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Deba , Yanagi, Usuba

Bunmei deba knives are used in Japan much like chef's knives are used in the west. The deba knife is a heavy knife often used for fish fillet preparation and butchering meat without bones. The Bunmei Usuba is a good vegetable slicing knife. For straight and biased-cut sushi and sashimi take a look at Bunmei's Yanagi knives.

Bunmei - Tako Sashimi

Tako are traditional sashimi knives traditionally used in the southern regions of Japan. Characteristics include a very long blade with a slightly curved belly. Tako has a square tip, as the point is never used. Bunmei features the single-sided grind that is distinctive of Japanese chef's cutlery.

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