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Premium Chef Knives $$$ Reviewed


Global, Wusthof, Henckels, and Shun (See Reviews Below):

Henckels Twin Cuisine 8" Chef's Knife

Priced from: $129.95
Free Shipping

The Twin Cuisine 8-inch chef's knife is a bit heavy, but revered by those who swear by the balanced weight and feel of this knife. Considered the workhorse of the kitchen, this knife is (as pictured) designed ergonomically with a curved handle. If you are a professional chef or serious cook with a lot of cutting to do this knife will not dissapoint. - 80 reviews; 4.5 star rating out of 5. (12/2014)

Blade - High-carbon no-stain steel, an exclusive J.A. Henckels formula: Nonstaining, nonrusting. Blade is precision-honed so that it will stay sharper longer
Handle - Unique in its full tang without rivets in the handle, designed for a comfortable, confident grip
About Henckels Twin Series - Blades are traditionally forged from a single piece of J.A. Henckels’s exclusive high-carbon, no-stain steel formula. The result is a knife with high durability, professional strength, and weight

Global 8" Chef's Knife

Priced from: $96
Free Shipping

This lightweight knife is great for small hands or for people suffering from carpal tunnel or arthritis!! This 8-in. all-purpose chef's Knife is Global's most popular knife. You will find this knife great for slicing large quantities of vegetables, fruit and meat quickly and effectively. Loved by professional chefs around the world, Global knives are an excellent choice for the serious home cook or professional. and it's design is unique and modern. Style: Japanese - 300 reviews; 5 star rating out of 5 stars. (12/2014)

Blade - Made from high-tech molybdenum/vanadium stainless steel. Global blades require less frequent sharpening as edge retains razor sharpness exceptionally well
Handle - Stainless-steel handle molded for comfort and dimpled for a safe grip. Hande is perfectly balanced and weighted with sand

Wusthof Classic 8" Chef's knife

Price: $159.75
Free Shipping

This knife is precision forged from a single blank of high carbon, stain resistant steel . Wusthof employes a very labor-intensive and intricate process to create each knife in the Classic line. The process involves 38 manufacturing steps by highly skilled craftsmen. Made in Solingen, Germany. - 9 reviews; 5 star rating out of 5 stars. (12/2014)

Blade -The high-carbon stainless steel blades are hardened to maintain a sharp edge
Handle -Full tangs provide perfect balance with riveted, high-impact composition handles

Kershaw's 7" Ken Onion Shun Chef's Knife

Price: $199.95
Free Shipping

Named "Kitchen Knife of the Year," This chef knife was an award winner at the: Blade Show and International Cutlery Fair. This fine cutting tool features VG-10 blade technology combined with a unique blade sweep and ergonomic handle design. - 13 reviews; 5 star rating out of 5!! (12/2014)

Blade - Knife core is VG -10 steel. On top of that is 32 layers (16 on each side) of high carbon steel. These layers of steel yield a rust-free Damascus look. The Damascus exterior gives the blade its unique wave-like pattern. Not only is the patterning beautiful the damascus exterior helps to prevent sticking
Handle - Strong, beautiful Pakkawood handle designed to resists moisture. The ergonomic design maneuvers exceptionally well
About Ken Onion Shun Chef's Knife - Designed by Ken Onion, one of the world's premier knife designers.
How to use -This knife features a special, angled bolster with space for your index finger and thumb allowing you to hold the knife (near the blade), just like a professional chef.

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